Sharing referrer link by SMS

Alongside with social media and email, users from mobile devices can now share referrer links via text message.
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Referrals rejection

Campaigned protects your referral program from cheating by detecting and warning againt potentially fraudulent activity.
From now, you can decline a referral and thus void its referrer reward.
Confirm/decline referrals

Payouts scheduling and minimum limit

Now you can choose which days referrer rewards will be paid out on. Flexible options allow to set up daily, weekly, or monthly payouts.
Payout scheduling options For weekly or monthly payouts, you may select several days of the week or month correspondingly.

There is also an option to set up a minimum reward amount to be reached in order to get paid out.
Minimum payout limit

When it's time for a payout to be processed, you'll be sent a notification by email.

API public availability

We are thrilled to announce a public release of Campaigned REST API, which is now available for all accounts. Visit developer portal for documentation and getting started guide.

Coupons export

From now, you can export all the data about your coupons to a CSV file, which can be downloaded and processed in a number of spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. The file contains all the useful information about the coupon, including coupon status, issue and redeem dates, customer details, referrer name, reward value.

Coupons export can be initiated from Coupons section. Note that filtering options selected for the viewed coupons list will be automatically applied when exporting to a file.

Sharing referrer link in social media

We have added buttons to send referrer link to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and by Email.

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Selecting a theme for landing page

For new campaigns, you can now select a theme which will be applied to all campaign steps at once.

Selecting theme

You may choose to customize the landing page further, or publish campaign immediately with the theme selected.

New coupon template - Minimal

We've added a new built-in coupon template - Minimal. Selecting this template for your coupons will make them look like this:

Template minimal.png

Creating user accounts in console

You can now add a customer to Campaigned manually instead of requesting him to sign up on his own: click "Add user" in top right corner of Users section, enter user details and click Submit. That's it!

Adding user

Multiple accounts, teams and permissions

We are excited to introduce 3 new major features today:

1. Create and manage multiple accounts under one user profile

This feature is especially useful for agencies, running several accounts for different clients under Campaigned.

Add account button

2. Provide your team members access to your Campaigned account

Now Campaigned can be used by teams. Go to Team management in your account console to invite new members and manage their permissions.

Team management

Once being added to a team, a member receives an invitation email.

Email invitation

3. Control account management rights

You have an extensive choice of permissions to assign to each member of the team. You can configure access to any section of the account console separately. For example, you may restrict a member from editing campaigns and account settings, or allow only to redeem coupons and manage referrals and rewards.

Permissions list

No published changelogs yet.

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